About Gatunlati

Gatunlati Co. helps people heal and transcend through a combination of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern technology.

Cherokee Indians believe that Gatunlati, or cannabis, was brought to earth by the Star People, who seeded our world with what we now know to be Humanity.

Legends passed down from generation to generation teach that the plant is so important that it was actually believed to be fundamental to the survival of humankind. In fact, the planet the Star people came from was given the name Gatunlati in honor of this magical plant.

Inspired by Cherokee legend, here at Gatunlati Co. we consider ourselves to be modern shamans aiming to bring this legend to life. Through the practice and power of ancient healing and new age technology, we are revolutionizing the way humanity heals and transcends with cannabis.

Our Team of Modern Shamans

Our Mission at Gatunlati Co. is to help people heal and transcend through a combination of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern technology.

We are a group of empathic healers who were drawn together by like energy, we share a love for agriculture, plant medicine and the great mystery. Each of us having overcome our own uniquely difficult paths has contributed to our very diverse strengths and disciplines.

Cannabis, carrying a special place in our hearts for how it has healed us and helped the people we love, led us to the same mission. We will continue to work with this sacred Gatunlati plant, to deliver it in all its forms, to bring healing to all beings.

We aim to help you reach your highest level of consciousness while being rooted In the earth. All of our products are grown and processed utilizing regenerative farming practices that honor our planet’s sacred farms.

Our plants are grown in fertile, arable soil with zero harmful chemicals and minimal inputs. Our goal is to provide affordable access to premium, full spectrum minimally-processed products, that elevate the mind, center the heart and root us in the earth.
~Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Amanda Bloom

Amanda Bloom was born in Montclair, California in 1986. Today, she is highly regarded as the Founder and President of luxury cannabis lifestyle company Gatunlati, and CEO of Gatunlati’s popular brand, Blogie Blunts, a consumer favorite found in dispensaries across California. She brings a lifetime of unique experiences to her work.

After battling serious health conditions that brought her to the use of cannabis medicine, she first became involved in the business when she, as a Spiritual Healer, was drawn to the “powerful energy of cannabis.” Pained by memories of loved ones lost to cancer, she began hearing…

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