About Us

This all started back in 2019, I met a friend named David Wallace, a seventy-two-year-old black man from Kentucky with a heavy accent. Back then I was a professor of Chemistry for the local universities in southern California. Each day, I would receive a call from Wallace, “Hey Professor, what’s going on my man?” His thick Kentucky accent was strong enough to draw any listener into the conversation.

“Oh, hey David! Nothing much, what’s going on?” I would usually reply.

“Aww man, everything is beautiful here. What’chu up to? I wanted to call to see if you wanted to play some chess and blow?”

His term of “blow” was different than the rest of the world. He was locked up in jail for more than thirty years. To him, blow meant to make blunts and smoke while we played chess.

“Absolutely!” the response was automatic and without hesitation. Having the famous David Wallace at our pad playing chess was like having Michael Jordan in the courts, you never pass up on the opportunity.

Each day we would continue the same routine, him calling, me accepting, and together we would play chess creating blunts and blowing big bellows of cannabis smoke enjoying each other’s company.

One day, while I was splitting a swisher sweets tobacco wrapper, I had a question that started smoldering in my mind. “Why am I having to create blunts each time? Why isn’t there one publically available for us to purchase from a basic dispensary? And why is the cost of cannabis flowers so expensive when the cost of growing them is pennies to the dollar?”

These questions didn’t rest and kept amplifying in my mind. It wasn’t until one day, mid-battle in chess, I had the question… “Well if we started a company, what would we call it?”

I knew that we were making blunts, and Wallace loved to blow. Blow…. Blunts…. Something was there. Finally, it came out … “Blow-gie-Blunts”

“What’s that you said?” Wallace asked.

“Blogie… Blogie Blunts. The name of the company we are going to create… Blogie Blunts.” I replied “Let’s start finding out more about cannabis and see if we can get the price down for everyone in the market.”

“Well, if anyone can do it, you can Professor” he calmly stated. “You’re on another level and I can’t do what you do… but I know if anyone could do it, it’s you.”

Thus, the creation of Blogie Blunts came into the market. In honor of David Wallace, you can now see products bearing his name. We strive to bring quality infused blunts with kief and diamonds for consumers at a low affordable price helping the community in an effort to reduce the cost of cannabis across the state.

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