Our Brands

Blogie Blunts

We hand roll them so you don’t have to!
We infuse them so they hit that much harder!

Blogie Blunts was born out of the need to provide a premium yet affordable blunt!

Here at The Blogie Blunt Factory, we hand roll all of our blunts and fill them with premium whole flower. We then Infuse them with keif, diamonds or bubble hash to add even more to your experience. Our products are created to bring you cannabis you can trust at a price you can afford.

We take pride in providing you the same blunts that we as connoisseurs would choose for ourselves.


Ancient medicine meets New Age technology

Gatunlati, most popularly known for our premium terpene filled rosin pods, is a California based luxury cannabis company on a mission to create your favorite fire in a healthier way. 

All of our products are masterfully crafted with  flower that is grown and processed utilizing regenerative farming practices that honor our planet’s sacred farms.

Our plants are grown in fertile, arable soil with zero harmful chemicals and minimal inputs. Our goal is to provide affordable access to premium, full spectrum minimally-processed products, that elevate the mind, center the heart and root us in the earth.

Let’s Grow Together

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