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What gift to give to a man for his birthday?

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Finding an original gift idea for a birthday can sometimes be complicated and long, we offer a multitude of ideas for men. Giving a gift to a man can be complicated when you have no ideas! Blogie Blunts is here to save your life! We have prepared a list of birthday gifts for men for you. In this selection, you will find the beer mug, the personalized t-shirt, the personalized boxer briefs, the personalized boxer shorts, the personalized mug, our personalized beers, the Blogie Blunts men’s t-shirts, and our sweatshirts and hoodies. You will surely find your happiness for this anniversary;)

1 – The beer mug

The beer mug is our new product which is already very popular with our male customers. We’ve got loads of hilarious phrases and expressions for you! For this birthday present, we advise you to choose several beer mugs with different and funny expressions. It’s the perfect gift to have a drink with friends and celebrate this birthday as it should be.

2 – The personalized t-shirt

The T-shirt is the essential and indispensable product of the male wardrobe. Be original and creative by opting for a personalized t-shirt ​! At Blogie Blunts everything is possible, you can choose the cut, the color, the text, the embroidery, or the printing and even insert a photo! This gift is great for a birthday.

3 – Personalized boxer briefs


If you want to surprise your friend, boyfriend, brother: Personalized boxer briefs will be perfect! You can choose from our selection of proposed expressions or you can customize it! Personalization is a popular giveaway method. Offer him a funny, tendentious boxer brief with a nice visual.

4-Personalized boxer shorts

 boxer shorts

If the man to whom you want to give this gift prefers boxer shorts as his underwear, you are in luck! We have just launched our first line of boxer shorts. You choose: embroidered or printed. Choose a visual concocted by us or personalize it!

5 – The personalized mug

With the mug, you take no risk! No size or taste issues! This is the type of gift that appeals to all birthdays. Offer your loved ones a ceramic mug or a metal mug according to your tastes. The delivery of our mugs is free at a relay point and the shipment is protected. We suggest our two new mugs: the magic mug for a surprise message or our hearts handle mug for even more love. If you want to surprise him, opt for a personalized mug! You choose.

6 – Personalized beers

With this gift, you will please everyone! First to its recipient but also to the people present in the evening. Personalize your beers with the message or photo of your choice! Here is an original gift idea that will not leave anyone indifferent.

7 – Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies

 Sweatshirts and hoodies are essentials for all men! The hoodie is worn more and more and can bring a more streetwear look. At Blogie Blunts, we have both! Lots of different colors for your selection (we admit that gray and navy blue are very popular!) But also a huge repertoire of original messages and words for your gift. Consider personalizing it to make this gift all the more unique.

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