Blogie Blunts

We offer a series of affordable, yet high-quality, hand-rolled infused blunts. Made with organic hemp wraps, whole flower, and infused with keif, diamonds, or both. 

We take pride in providing you the same blunts that we as connoisseurs would choose for ourselves.

Blogie Indica

You can find this blunt in a 2 gram indica dominant flower infused with keif and rolled in an organic hemp wrap.

Russian Creme

This blunt is a favorite among connoisseurs. Premium-infused flower rolled in a mouth watering Russian Creme wrap weighing 2.5 grams.


Our 3 gram Khrystaal is our heavy hitter. Hand rolled premium whole flower mixed with diamonds and wrapped with an organic hemp wrap.

Blogie Sativa

This is our 2 gram sativa dominant strain blunt. Infused with keif and hand-rolled in an organic hemp wrap. Perfect for our active consumers.

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